Yoga Works @ The Old Johannesburg Train Station

Last week Saturday a good friend (Emma Stewart) and I decided to get in touch with our inner zen, with Yoga Works @ The Old Johannesburg Train Station. We booked tickets for a yoga class which happens at various different locations around Johannesburg. Our location was the Old Johannesburg Train Station, a location which very few have seen up close. I must add, it is beautiful as it has intricate designs of flowers and nature in the infrastructure as well as an incredible view of jo’burg city.

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Yoga Works is a wonderful company which aims to share the health benefits of yoga and mindfulness in and around Johannesburg. Its leader Sven is originally from Belgium and has come to Africa to share the secrets he learned on an extended holiday in India. The class was lots of fun. Each location of is chosen with a specific focus to get you out of your box. The class and sequence we attended was focused on being in the moment. Not being anywhere else but right here, right now. There is a great dj who accompanies Sven which adds more dimension to the class. The music keeps you going when you in a tough pose which we had to try every now and then.

Emma and I both left feeling stronger, more at peace and determined to concur the day. Being a beginner at yoga I couldn’t believe how one class could do so much for me. The inner core strength which is required form the body to move through the various poses without wobbling is hectic. I was even stiff for a few days after (which I hate to admit).

The Visual Fox | Inspo | Yoga Works

Yoga is such an amazing form of exercise and has gotten me thinking on how exercise can train the mind and help one to be more focused, determined and healthy in our fast lives.

Yoga Works offers Sunday classes at Emmerentia Dam from 9am (Summer) and 9.30 (Winter). Classes are R100 per class or R250 for a month.

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