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Angel Heart is a distillery based in Joburg that specialize in craft gin. They are the proud distillers of Ginifer and Westcliff a local gin that is filled with passion and the love for mixology.

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The distillery started at home in Jaqueline and Jaco Grobler’s kitchen. They would spend their weekend’s making infusion’s from a copper still made by Jaco from an old geyser. Jaco started off with Mampoer and gradually they worked their way to gin. Now they have a beautiful distillery in Linbro Park that speaks to the essence of Joburg.

Angel Heart focus on two types of gin, Ginifer and Westcliff and they have a distinct focus on putting the taste of Joburg in a bottle. The energy of Johannesburg has inspired Jaqueline, to make a gin for everyone in Johannesburg. A gin that is a traditional dry gin but with a vibrant energy that bursts in your mouth. To achieve the authentic flavour of Johannesburg they started at the Faraday Muthi Market, located on Eloff street in Joburg’s CBD. Here they buy authentic botanicals straight from Joburg’s local vendors. A wonderful way to take the true essence of Joburg’s dirty, busy and vibrant city and extract the flavour needed to create a Gin that doesn’t miss a beat.


Ginifer is a vibrant gin that is heavily loaded with botanicals which gives it a distinct pepper flavour. It is based on Johannesburg’s CBD; taxis hooting, high energy, traffic, street vendors and the life of the big hard city. The tones are earthy and warm, with 13 botanicals to balance the gin.

Serving suggestion: Wedge of grapefruit or naartjie with a sprig of rosemary.

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Ginifer | Chilli

This bottle is a fantastic gin that is recommended. The chilli used to flavour the gin is barrel aged in oak (all the barrels are made from Joburg oak trees!) which then allows for the capsicum to age but the bite disappears. It leaves a warm taste at the back of your mouth with no bite, it’s soft and filled with flavour.

Serving suggestion: Wedge of grapefruit with a sprig of coriander

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This gin has a posh name but the idea behind the gin was to bottle the the flavour and smell of Joburg’s man made forest. Westcliff has a strong heritage and reference to early Johannesburg development. Gin came to South africa with the British during the gold rush and the Westcliff area developed as an area for the Randlords. Again referencing the dynamic diversity that is found within Johannesburg. The flavour is a¬†green floral that speaks to the Jacaranda trees in spring found in the Northern parts of Johannesburg.

Serving suggestion: A piece of rose turkish delight or lemongrass syrup

The Visual Fox | Food | Joburg | Angel Heart Brewery | Ginifer | Westcliff


Stand a chance to win a bottle of Ginifer, goblets and their latest grapefruit bitters

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2 thoughts on “Westcliff and Ginifer Gin | Angel Heart

  1. My Favourite Conifer mix is in fact as an orange and vanilla mojito. 2 parts gin, 1 part vanilla mint syrup, 1 dash orange bitters, top soda water. Garnish with a mint sprig and a sprinkle of Dehydrated orange dust

    1. I love a good Negroni which is made with 25 ml Gin, 25 ml Sweet Red Vermouth, 25 ml Campari, Orange Peel and a slice/wedge of orange as garnish. Perfect!

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