Umami Food Studio (Boutique Cooking Classes)

Cooking with Rany Jo at her Umami Food Studio, learning how to make my favourite, dumplings! Rany Jo is a Korean living in Johannesburg. Since making South Africa her home, she had a desire to introduce and expand the knowledge of Korea through peoples common connection of food.

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Learn to cook authentic Asian with Rany, where she will guide you through very simple step by step cooking classes. Learn how to cook delicious and healthy oriental food like Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and Vietnamese styles – she learnt about each cuisine through her life travels, where she has finally settled in SA and is now spreading her love of food and entertaining.

Her cooking class is simple and easy to follow – even for beginners! Her classes are made up of 6 – 12 people and are between 3-4 hours dependant on the class. Leave with all the knowledge and full recipes on what to do at home! She spreads fantastic knowledge of flavour profiles, various ingredients, techniques, should and should nots and of course explores the delicate ingredients that one finds in asian cooking which is often seen as foreign to us South Africans.

I joined her for a fun filled morning, learning how to make dumplings, (wanton, pot stickers and gyoza), having always loved Asian food and wanting the knowledge to be able to make the food at home. I now can say that I am happy to get my hands greasy at home – mixing delicious ingredients to make some impressive food, perfect for when friends and family come over to visit.

She has an incredible brand which is growing, at the end of the class, you can purchase some the various ingredients from her, making the class a one stop shop, the rest your an buy at your local grocer (Woolies and PnP).

Asian flavours are a favourite here in South Africa and is a cuisine that is growing, however being completely foreign to us, most of us are afraid to make asian food at home! Now you can learn how with confidence in a fun and friendly environment!

At the end of the classes, you sit down and eat your food whilst enjoying a glass of wine or any drinks that you prefer to bring with. She sets a beautiful table looking onto her beautiful garden, where the cooking guests can enjoy their home made food. Meet new people and enjoy a very fun morning with her as you learn about food and how it can bring joy to anyones life.

Contact Rany Jo for pricing and book your class today.

Happy Cooking!

The Visual Fox | Food | Cooking | Umami Food Studio

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