Turbine Art Fair 2017

Ask any art lover, the art fair is always one of our favourite days of the year. It’s a place for those cultural lovers to get together and celebrate creativity and of course, each others quirkiness. Even if you aren’t into art, The Turbine Art Fair is the perfect platform for anyone who might want to know a little more about the art world.

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This year The Turbine Art Fair was in its fifth year showing casing some of the best up and coming South African artists. Hosting 50 galleries the fair was a success in opening up the conversation about South African art production due to greater public interest in art.

“The Turbine Art Fair has undoubtedly made its mark as an not-to-be-missed event for art lovers and those looking to learn more about South Africa’s rich art scene. With over 50 galleries and exhibits from across South Africa there’s bound to be something to catch everyone’s eye,” says Glynis Hyslop, TAF Fair Director.

As an avid art lover, I must say, the fair has made great progress in breaking down the barriers between the public and gallery space. Those who attend gallery openings or visit galleries to purchase art, often feel intimidated by the gallery world. The gallery is a clean, white space, untouched and filled with “pretentious” gallerists. This may not always be the case but it can come off that way. If one was unfamiliar with the art world and wanted to make a purchase or enquire on a work they liked – they often don’t as they feel too shy to confront the big bad world of cultural production and making.

The Turbine Art Fair allows for this barrier to be broken as the public can access South Africa’s galleries under one roof. Gallerists and the public now are able to speak to one another in a less daunting fashion and for those wanting to buy, the options are endless.

This years fair saw a number of exciting  projects and exhibitions take place within the fair as well as a free talks programme sponsored by Artinsure, guided walkabouts for both adults and children alike as well as a dedicated children’s area and a selection of exciting art installations throughout the fair which includes Ralph Ziman’s “Casspir Project” – a reclaimed casspir that has been exquisitely beaded with over 60 million beads, named Spoek1.

It’s exciting to see the public growing its interest in South African art as we have so many talented artists producing work. For those wanting to collect or buy, some advice on how to purchase work – buy what you love. Art should move you, it should make you feel something. It has to hang on your wall after all, you have to look at it, so make sure it’s a piece you love. And the great thing about the fair all the works are priced under R30 000 making the works affordable and accessible. I even found works going for R250 (unframed prints), it’s brilliant!


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