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Traveling is one of my favourite things to do and traveling smart is always important. It will keep your life running as smooth as possible while you explore the wonders of the world. Travel essentials are a must have on any trip!

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This is my list of travel essentials, don’t leave without them!

1. My Camera

When on holiday snapping pics of all the memories is half the fun. My camera is always the first thing in my bag. Although with today’s technology, we all have camera’s on our phones, there is just something spectacular about shooting pics with a film or DSLR. Its just more fun!

2. Backpack

A backpack is essential to the course. When walking around for miles on end, one needs to be practical! Get a good backpack. One that feels good and looks good too. I love my backpack as it has a great little pouch which sits on the back where I can keep valuables and no one can get to them.

3. Scarf

A s carf is handy to carry around as it serves a few functions. You can use it as a scarf around your neck to keep you warm or protect you from the sun. You can use it as a blanket to sit on if at a park or you can use it as a shawl to make your outfit just that much better.

4. Face Wipes, Johnson and Johnson

Johnson’s face care wipes are always great to have handy. When on a long flight, car ride or bus ride, these wipes will help to keep your skin clean when you may not be able to do your daily skin care regime. My favourite are the oil balancing wipes as they keep my skin clean and well moisturised.

5. Lipstick

Never underestimate the power of lipstick. It completes a look, even the most minimal of looks. Walk off a flight looking fresh while keeping your lips moisturised at the same time. Flying always dries the skin so it’s important to keep this handy. Mac is my best.

6.  Mascara, Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express

Keep those lashes lush and on fleek. You can keep your look good and ready to go  by keeping this little gem in your bag. From day to night you can always be ready for days when you don’t have time to go back to your hotel to get ready.

7. Sunnies

Does this really need a reason?

8. Nivea Anti-perspirant

Stay dry from all the walking you have to do and of course if you are an a humid country this will help along the way. Say no to sweat patches.

9. Eucerin SPF 50

This is a must! Keep your skin protected. That is all.

10. Phone Charger

Whilst on the go it’s sometimes hard to stay connected, however if you keep you phone charger handy you can find plug points on your way. This means you can stay connected and snap pics all day. After all you never know when the next wifi hot zone may come your way. Be prepared.

11. Travel Wallet, Typo

This is one useful invention, when travelling one always has the most important documents form a passport, ID, tickets and accommodation bookings and of course, foreign exchange.Don’t let these docs get misplaced, left behind and lost. Keep them all together in this super cool travel wallet. It will make airports easy and stores so well in a bag. Keep it close or in a safe in your hotel room.

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