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Feel the power of nature at work with Thursday Plantation a natural based skin care regime that makes use of the restorative power of nature. Thursday Plantation was started over 40 years ago in Australia by a family who believe in the power of natural healing and one special plant based oil, Tea Tree oil. Thursday Plantation have a wide range of products which promote healthy skin.

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Did you know, that Tea Tree oil is a plant extract from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree. This tree is an indigenous tree to Australia and holds strong healing properties to various skin types including oily skin, itchy skin, skin that often suffers from eczema or psoriasis. Tea Tree oil holds many healing properties and if used regularly can really lead to changes in your skin.

Lifestyle | Thursday Plantation |Holistic skin care

Healing properties of Tea Tree Oil:

  • Tea Tree oil helps to sooth skin by reducing skin irritations and itchiness as it helps to remove the dry and dead skin cells.
  • It contains strong antibacterial and anti fungal compounds which reduce inflammation and redness caused by acne and pimples.
  • Tea tree oil is also known to lighten scars as it helps to restore the skins natural PH balance.

The list can continue but these are the most important attributes which Thursday Plantation took note of and have created a range which has really done wonders on my own skin. And the great part about Thursday Plantation is that it contains no parabens (preservatives), no sodium laurel sulphate which is a cheap chemical which is actually found in some industrial cleaning agents, no artificial fragrances, no artificial colourants and of course cruelty free!

The range includes:

Daily Cleanser

The foam wash is a fantastic product  which make sure of Tea Tree Oil and Chamomile which helps to prevent drying out the skin. This foam wash is soft enough on the skin to use morning and evening. Because it comes in a foam form it doesn’t leave the skin dry like some gel cleansers do. Those with oily skin often have this idea that you have to scrub the skin and dry it out to remove the excess oil but that often only leads to the skin producing more oil. Its better to use something that soothes the skin and restores the natural Ph balance rather than a product that strips the skin. The wash simply removes the excess oil and other impurities. It’s as simple as that!

Lifestyle | Thursday Plantation |Holistic skin care

Which Hazel Toner

I am completely obsessed with this product! Toner is something I use straight after I wash my face to help restore the skin after you have cleansed it. Because I suffer from oily skin, if I apply a deep moisturiser it only leads to more oil, so I like to use a toner. After you wash your face, your pores are open and clean and so this is the best time to apply a product that is clean and by clean I mean a product that is natural and very healthy. This toner contains Which Hazel, a natural astringent that tightens pores and removes excess oil while moisturising the skin. The toner also contains Aloe Vera and lavender so it completely restores the skin after a wash and feeds the skin with goodness. And one mustn’t forget the Tee Tree Oil which acts as a natural antibacterial and of course soothes the skin.

Face Cream

I’m not a big face cream person because it really does clog my pores but every now and then my skin does feel dry, its mostly at night and happens 2 or 3 times a week, when I feel that my skin needs moisturiser, this cream in small amounts did the job. It’s bets to apply at night just before bed. This product contains Vitamin E , Roseship oil and Shea Butter which all act as wonderful moisturisers to the skin. Use when needed.

Blemish Stick

This blemish stick contains a higher dose of Tea Tree Oil and is handy for those breakouts. A perfect addition to your handbag as its a clear gel and can be applied any time of day. It has a sponge applicator so you don’t need to use your dirty fingers for application. This product does contain alcohol, which is beneficial for drying out the spot.

Lifestyle | Thursday Plantation |Holistic skin care

This brand can be found and Dischem as well as at Wellness Warehouse in stores and online.

I have seen a massive change in my skin and will continue to use Thursday Plantation in the futre, especially their toner, which I am in love with!

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