The Immigrant Bar

Lets be honest, Jo’burgers are always looking for a good time, we like to go out and spend our hard earned cash. However, as I hang out with young professionals in Johannesburg, the more I meet people who are afraid of going into town. Why is Jo’burg’s CBD so scary to young South Africans? Yes, there are parts of the inner city which perhaps are a no go zone but, areas like Braamfontein, Maboneng and Selby are being transformed and changed.

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Braamfontein saw reinvestment over 10 years ago, Maboneng is the same. The area has seen valuable and radical reinvention and investment, creating an inner city that is thriving and alive. I have always been in love with our inner city. It’s energy. It’s swagger and its “dont give no f*ck attitude” has always lured me in.

The Immigrant Bar is found in the heart of Braam and speaks to its people. Zwakhala can be loosely translated as an invitation to come hang out, in kazi flow, just as one would do as you hang in the streets of Braamfontein. Being cool. Looking fresh.

Order sharing plates is how its done. Bring some mates, order a beer or order one of their gin socks, a gin and tonic mixed with either guava, lemon, grapefruit or naartjie. They are fantastic and served in a lovely jar. Once you are off to a good start, munchies may kick in and The Immigrant Bar will have you covered. With a tapas styled menu, order sharing boards, meat or vegetarian option. Each board is served with a protein, side of your choice, baked flat bread and dip of your choice. You have a choice between potato chips, sweet-potato chips with aioli, or aubergine chips. The sweet potato chips were fantastic! I would also recommend their chicken strips and of course, chilli poppers!

The Visual Fox | Food | The Immigrant Bar

Enjoy a relaxing day or night in the heart of Jo’burg’s big city! People watch for hours or enjoy one of their very cool parties which they often serve on a Thursday night. Visit Jo’burgs
inner city and see for yourself its not what it used to be. Kick it back and keep it cool.


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