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The Factory on Grant opened last year May and is found on Grant Street in Norwood. Norwood is a cool, quirky suburb in need of revival and The Factory on Grant seeks to do just that, with the notion of the anti-mall. “It’s vision is to develop an alternative to mainstream malls and retail outlets.” The venue makes use of a mix between old and new allowing one to shop under the African sun with alternative outlets that one wouldn’t find in a mall.


So, what’s on offer?



Smelt is glass blowing studio and workshop. An amazing space where one can purchase hand made blown glass while simultaneously watching them make their unique products. The studio is a partnership between artists, Martii Jansen van Rensberg, Ilse Doye and Glamosa Glass who wanted to create a space for glass ware innovation and experimentation. Smelt is their production studio and training workshop. For those interested they have public workshops for adults, families, children and team building.

Workshops are 3 hours long and you can choose between casting and glass blowing your own paperweight. Costs differ according to the course but the adult workshop is R450 p.p.

The Visual Fox | Inspo | The Factory on Grant | Smelt


The Daville Baillie Gallery

The DB Gallery has been around for 3 years. 8 months ago they relocated from Hyde Park to The Factory. Their focus as a gallery has taken a shift along side their move. Previously focusing on old masters, their new interested is in young and up and coming artists in the South African cotemporary art world. “We’re confident that with our recent signings and, upcoming shows for the year ahead and following will prove to show the worth and establish our place in the South African art market”. KK Mtimkilu, Gallery Assistant.



There are a number of unique stores at The Factory including an antique shop, Old and Interesting which has two outlets – Norwood and Kensignton, clothing stores – Yashi.D and Rose Raine, among others, as well as a florist.

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Vovo Telo

As much as I love Vovo Telo the oulet in The Factory was a let down for me. They aim to be an anti-mall promoting brands that are not mainstream – Vovo Telo for me is mainstream. However, who doesn’t love Vovo Telo for breakfast on a Saturday morning? Not to mention their bakery and deserts for later.

The Visual Fox | Inspo | The Factory on Grant | Vovo Telo

Crafters Bar

Crafters bar is always fun on a Saturday afternoon for sundowners. Located on the roof top of the Daville Baillie Gallery, Crafters is a fun venue to meet friends out for a catch up chat or start the night out. Its view is stunning as you watch the sun set and they have cool tunes too.


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