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The Visual Fox has always been a big fan of The Artisan, found in the Greenside hub of bars and restaurants. The former venue was known as Gin, but the manager and part owner Jonathan Scholtz has turned the bar and restaurant into one of Greenside’s best “hipster” bars.

The Visual Fox | Food | The Artisan

I often enjoy a drink and bite here. Its food is always on top form and the vibe is never a miss. Give it a try. My favourite items are the jalapeno poppers, creamy ale, the balsamic glaze on their famous chips and of course their nachos!

The Visual Fox | Food | The Artisan

We chatted to Jon and here is what he had to say:

When did you open?

20th March 2015, just over one year ago.

What was your vision for the restaurant and how does it differ from other restaurants on the Greenside strip?

The Artisan has a rustic feel. We wanted to create a mature venue in comparison to what Gin was (the previous bar). We thought to our selves how do we grow the venue but keep the same customers. We asked our selves the question “where would we want to go?”

There were lots of artists and designers involved in creating the space, how has this influenced what The Artisan has become?

We wanted to create an experience. A space that combined food, art and style which was trendy and elegant but not pretentious. We just wanted to make good authentic food. Stripped and Justin Bardenhorst played a large role in creating the décor and artwork found in the space and this adds to the experience which people look for when coming here. The lighting, furniture and art create an experience which is what the hospitality industry is all about.

What are your top signature dishes?

The nachos! Oh, and our delicious burger.

We recently re-launched our menu to create a menu that involved the social nature of eating, tapas style. Make your own menu.

We have also added a coffee cocktail menu – liquor and caffeine work well together.

It’s all about experimentation of delicious flavours and good food.

What is your must try cocktails?

The gin and sin.

What are some of the flavours that can be found in your food?

Our locally and home grown herbs which we grow in our garden. Mint, thyme, rosemary.

Plans for the future?

There is always the opportunity to open up in Cape Town. Now that’s a dream.

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