Westcliff and Ginifer Gin | Angel Heart

The Visual Fox | Food | Joburg | Angel Heart Brewery | Ginifer | Westcliff

Angel Heart is a distillery based in Joburg that specialize in craft gin. They are the proud distillers of Ginifer and Westcliff a local gin that is filled with passion and the love for mixology. The distillery started at home in Jaqueline and Jaco Grobler’s kitchen. They would spend their weekend’s making infusion’s from a […]

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Barber Blacksheep | Rosebank

The Visual Fox | Joburg | Barber Blacksheep

Barber Blacksheep is a favourite new spot for all the gents out there. Think bar and barber in one. A cool place to hang out, and get your grooming done. I’ll be honest, a woman loves a well groomed man. We as woman, spend hours each week making sure we look good, there is no […]

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The Immigrant Bar

The Visual Fox | Food | The Immigrant Bar

Lets be honest, Jo’burgers are always looking for a good time, we like to go out and spend our hard earned cash. However, as I hang out with young professionals in Johannesburg, the more I meet people who are afraid of going into town. Why is Jo’burg’s CBD so scary to young South Africans? Yes, […]

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Bolton Road Collection

The Visual Fox | Food | Reviews | Bolton Road Collection

Eating in Jo’burg is always something to look forward to. Its become a part of the city culture. We get dressed up, looking fresh to enjoy the experience of a restaurant or bar. The Bolton Road Collection allows for exactly that. An experience that one looks forward too. Bolton Road Collection has recently opened in […]

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PJ Pops

The Visual Fox | Lifestyle | PJ Pops

It’s a hot summers day and you have your friends and family over for a braai. Everyone is merry as the guys crack open ice cold beers and the ladies pour glasses of white wine. This is all great and well but wouldn’t life be better on this hot summer’s day with an ice cold […]

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Pablo Eggs Go Bar

The Visual Fox | Food | Pablo Eggs Go Bar

Breakfast is a great meal of the day, eggs, toast and a must for any breakfast, bacon. For all you breakfast lovers, you must get down to a great new spot, Pablo Eggs Go Bar. A fantastic new restaurant in the heart of Melville, Johannesburg, owned by Louis Roux. The name came about through the […]

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In my last post  I chatted about the MAD GIANT brewery @1Fox, this week we checked out the other half of MAD GIANT, Urbanologi, to find out a little bit more about the food they serve alongside the delicious beer. The restaurant’s Head Chef, Angelo Scirocco, sat down with us to give us the scoop on the concept, […]

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Mad Giant Brewery

A girl’s guide to beer. Last weekend we paid a visit to the recently opened MAD GIANT Brewery at 1Fox in Ferreirasdorp to find out a little bit more about Jozi’s new kid on the block. The brewery is located in an old warehouse directly across the street from the Johannesburg Central Police station alongside the […]

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Workshop 55

Eating out is always an experience to be enjoyed, especially when eating good food in a beautiful place. This last week myself and @prettymuchbes, had a wonderful time at Workshop 55. The restaurant is run by head chef, Alex Webber who trained as a chef at fine dining restaurant Cube. Although his expertise were honed at […]

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The Artisan

The Visual Fox has always been a big fan of The Artisan, found in the Greenside hub of bars and restaurants. The former venue was known as Gin, but the manager and part owner Jonathan Scholtz has turned the bar and restaurant into one of Greenside’s best “hipster” bars. I often enjoy a drink and […]

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