Sacred Rituals

Connecting to the moon has been one of my favourite ways to meditate and release any life issues that I am going through. I practice meditation as often as possible, but connecting to the moon really enhances the experience of letting go and becoming one with the universal source energy guiding us all.

To gain more knowledge of the moons phases and how it influences us, read my article on the law of attraction (which will be posted on the next new moon). Once you have an understanding of the moons phases, you can practice sacred rituals to enhance your experience.

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Before you start you will need a few things, which I love to use:

  • Candles
  • Incense or an oil burner for essential oil (I like to burn rose oil – promotes love and healing to the heart chakra)
  • A pretty blanket/scarf – I have a gypsy scarf with Buddha on that I love to use
  • Clary sage smudge stick and little bowl
  • Little buddha figurine
  • Other meaningful objects
  • Crystals and a crystal identifier and meaning book
  • Angel cards
  • Notebook/paper and pen (If you don’t use a notebook – a special box)

Other things you may need:

  • Relaxing or calming music (I love to use music by Dean Evenson – Native Healing or Deuter – Immortelle)

You may want to add in other sacred practices that you use for example ancient Tibetan singing bowls etc.

Step one:

I like to use my floor as it allows me to connect to the ground but pick a space that you feel comfortable in and where you won’t be disturbed, you can also your bed or sit a desk . Lay your blanket or scarf on the ground and light candles in the room along with your incense/oil burner. Play some relaxing music and set the mood.

Step two:

Lay out all that you need and create a sacred shrine  – place your buddha, crystals and other important objects where they feel right to you. Have candles near by for your smudge stick as well as a little bowl.

Step three:

Light your smudge stick in the candle and let it burn for some time, breathe in the sage and walk round the room. Smudge sticks are amazing as on a scientific level they actually recharges the ions in the air – clearing the negative ions and changing them to positive ions. Clary sage also clears away old dust in the air and leaves clean air. Amazing!

Clear your energy, this where I like to meditate for 10 mins, I set a timer on my phone and I connect to myself. Use meditation apps if you prefer guided mediation (daily meditation podcast) or chant a mantra like, om or I am. Feel the peace within you, feel the divine energy of the universe within you. Feel the wide open space as you calm your breathe and calm your mind. Become fully present.

Step Four:

In any order do your angle cards, read up the healing powers of crystals and write down your intentions. Set our goals, wishes, desires and really connect believe that these dreams can become a reality. Declare it all. What limiting beliefs are holding you back? What relationships need work? What emotions need to be healed? Reflect on all that you are and all that you need. Write it down. If on a piece of paper keep in your special “God box” if in a journal – keep writing and later int he year see how far you have come!

On the new moon: set intentions

On the full moon: let go of what isn’t serving the purpose of reaching your intentions

Step five:

Release it. Put it away and thank the universe. Breathe deep and have gratitude for you have in your life and what you are about to achieve. Let the universe handle it from here.

May all your wishes come true,

All my love,


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