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Hi Foxxy friends,

It’s nearly the end of January and I am finally sitting down to write my first post of 2018. I am sure you all had a wonderful holiday and back into the swing of things with the start of the year. I had a lovely holiday in Durban and Cape Town. A holiday that was thoroughly needed and left me feeling very inspired for the year ahead.

2018 according to numerology is a power number as it adds up to a power number, 11 (2 + 0 = 2, 1 + 8 = 9, 9 + 2 = 11). 11 is a very powerful number, which in theory means that this year is loaded with lots of energy. Numerology is an ancient form of understanding the cosmos and universe we live in and a lovely way to understand ourselves too. At the end of the day – we were all born of the universe and one day we will return to the universe. So it’s important to stay connected to that universal constant and energy which flows through us all.

In numerology the number 11 is a Master Number – which means that it carries an intense energy frequency. For those of us who are intune with our bodies, mind and spirit, we can carry this intense energy into our everyday lives creating potential, growth and joy wherever we go. Let’s welcome in transformation.

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2018 will be one of the best years ever as it connects us to our intuition, psychic connection and manifestation.  We can expect big things as the master 11 opens up a portal between spiritual and psychic worlds, between inner desire and outer materialisation, between inspiration and manifestation. The more connected we are to ourselves and the universe, the more our wildest dreams can become realised. This is a wonderful moment that we have all been given.

“The warrior of light is a believer. Because he believes in miracles, miracles begin to happen. Because he is sure that his thoughts can change his life, his life begins to change. Because he is certain that he will find love, that love appears.” 

Manual of the Warrior of Light, Paulo Coehlo

So my wish for you this year is to connect with yourself. Love yourself. Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams. Those little pieces of love will manifest into the world and will ultimately come back to you. The universe loves you! So get rid of all those doubts and start believing that everything you ever wanted can come yourway. See, it’s already happening (wink, wink).

Make this year a big year!

All my love,


Thank you to the talented photographer, Ashlee-Anne Kelly. Check out her instagram page for fab pics @gypsydreamsphotography

Dressed by My Secret Cupboard, a very cute boutique store found here in Jo’burg.

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