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It’s a hot summers day and you have your friends and family over for a braai. Everyone is merry as the guys crack open ice cold beers and the ladies pour glasses of white wine. This is all great and well but wouldn’t life be better on this hot summer’s day with an ice cold wine popsicle? I think yes! Thanks to Haute Cabrriere, a winery based in Franschoek, our dreams can come true with the new and delicious and eagerly awaited PJ Pops.

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“We take our wine seriously, but we also want people to have fun with wine, to be enthusiastic about wine, and we see the PJ Pops as a fantastic way to do that,” says Takuan von Arnim, one  of  the pioneers of the Pierre Jourdan Cap Classique in South Africa. With  Pierre  Jourdan  Brut  and  Pierre  Jourdan  Tranquille  celebrating  their  30th and  15th  anniversaries,  respectively, this is the perfect way to celebrate the age of the loved wine.

“We don’t want the popsicles to detract from the bottled product at all; this is just  a  natural  progression,”  comments  De  Carvalho, founder and  director  of  JML Consulting,“What  we’ve  done  is  to take  all  of  the  flavours  that  you  enjoy  in  the  bottle,  and  position  it  in  a  form that  is  contemporary  and  stays  true  to  the  Pierre  Jourdan  wines  that  we  all know and love.”

JML Consulting have paired up with Pierre Jourdan to create this unique  product that has never been seen before in South Africa.

The flavours are incredible and so refreshing. A young vintage has been used for the Brut Popsicle (white wine) and for a more fruity and sweeter flavour one can taste the  Pinot Noir Tranquille popsicle (rose’), which I preferred. I must say – they are a bit messy as the bottom can leak and they  make your hand cold so keep a serviette/napkin near. 

The PJ Pops can be served for all occasions, picnics, braai’s even dinner parties. Serve the pops ice cold as a drink or as an accompaniment to a desert. Perhaps they are the desert themselves. JML Consulting suggest serving the pops with a melon and papaya fruit salad with a drizzle of basil syrup (yum!) or with red berries, peaches and figs with a topping of fresh mint syrup.

The Visual Fox | Food | Pj Pops

The pops are a 110ml serving, Tranquille 8.5% alcohol and the Brut Cap Classique 8%, they are vegan friendly and made using natural ingredients. The packaging is made from 100% recycle material and can be recycled. Who doesn’t love a bio-friendly product?

Get your PJ Pops today at any Pick n Pay (in the wine section) or Pick n Pay Liquor store.

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