Nirox Winter Sculpture Fair

A Place In Time, Nirox Winter Sculpture Fair

“As night fell an entirely unfamiliar and vivid sky came into view and I was reminded why our ancestors tried to make sense of their place in the universe through naming and taming constellations.” Helen Pheby

The Visual Fox | Art | Nirox Winter Sculpture Fair

The annual fair takes place every May at the most beautiful reserve found in Gauteng, The Cradle of Human Kind. The reserve was made a World Heritage Site to preserve and protect the discovery of our ancestors and the development of the human race. The Nirox park is found within this area and this years concept “A Place in Time” lends itself to the history and development of the human race in our time and our space, in history, right now.

Curator Helen Pheby speaks of the show to explain that the site speaks to the long history of the human being in all its facets. The exhibition of contemporary South African sculpture speaks towards this history as the works are needing to be considered within this place in time. Artists were responding to this space; notions of human vs land, place vs time, culture vs nature can all be found within the artworks on display. Humans have an important relationship with all these thematics and its important for viewer to engage and participate with these ideas.

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The Event

What a lovely Sunday it was. Although I was there to celebrate art, I was also there to celebrate my mother as the fair fell on Mothers day. My mom, brother and I (and of course Dave too) all set off into the wilderness to get more cultural.

The event hosted Franschoek’s top chefs and winemakers to create a market of divine enjoyment. Who doesn’t love nature, art, good food and excellent wine? Pure bliss. Yes, it is rather bougie but one is allowed to splurge every now and then.

The Visual Fox | Art | Nirox Winter Sculpture Fair

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