Mountain Sanctuary Rock Pools

I love living in Johannesburg. It’s a big city with lots of life, culture and energy and one of my favorite fun facts about the city is that Jo’burg is one of the world’s biggest man made forests. With over 10 000 trees in the metropolis alone, stand on any balcony or roof top and look out and you see green for miles. Those who have grown up in the northern suburbs of the city, can account to the lucky lives we have – as we all have our own private gardens and pools. A life of leisure and sun. The Visual Fox | Joburg | Things to do | Mountain Sanctuary

But still, Jo’burg is a city and like most cities its got its pollution and traffic. Its fast pace. Running form here to there. Meeting to meeting. Its important to catch your breath amongst the energy of the city and to do that, head to Mountain Sanctuary.

An hours drive out of Johannesburg into the Magaliesburg and you will find an oasis of nature reserves which are billions of years old (there have been huge fossils discoveries in the area).

The Visual Fox | Joburg | Things to do | Mountain Sanctuary

Of course we went to Mountain Sanctuary for a slightly different purpose, it was my besties birthday, Bianca and she wanted to get out of the city and do something fun to celebrate. So my girls and I headed out of the city and had a fun day out in the sun.

The Visual Fox | Joburg | Things to do | Mountain Sanctuary

We spent the day at the rock pools, a short walk to the pools (about 20mins), and we found ourselves at a river with beautiful pools to swim in. We packed the necessities, blankets, costumes, hats, sunblock and of course a cooler box! We set up camp and spent the day in the sun, swimming, chatting, laughing and enjoying life. We packed lunch and enjoyed a picnic, of course gin is always involved and tequila too when Bianca is around!

Happy Birthday baby! Thank you for always being by my side. 24 years down and our love for each other still stands strong. Your fearless and creative energy always inspires me. xx

Mountain Sanctuary details:

  • It’s an hour drive outside of Johannesburg, just past Harties.
  • You have to book as they only allow 180 people in the park and you need a permit

       Drop them a mail to book:

  • For groups larger than 8, you will need a guide (so keep the pack small)
  • Entrance is R115 per person and R45 per car

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