Lipidol Oil SPF 20 Sunscreen

Summer is my favourite season. I love to lie in the sun, swim and take care of myself. This summer is no different and thanks to a new Lipidol Sunscreen SPF 20 Oil , taking care of your skin is that easy. It provides protection from UVA while leaving your skin soft and moisturised which the sun can often strip away. Not only does it promote protection but it always promotes hydration to skin which is an important part in anti-aging.

The Visual Fox | Inspo | Beauty | Lipidol Oil Sunscreen

The Sunscreen is an oil based SPF 20 sunscreen that one can use everyday or just when you are in the sun. I have used the oil on both occasions and am really happy with the results. For everyday wear it’s a lovely way to protect your skin and keep it moisturized, without feeling overly oily. For tanning it’s just as good, I went a darker shade but never burnt. My skin was left soft with a subtle sheen without that oily feeling other lotions leave your skin. It truly protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

The Visual Fox | Inspo | Beauty | Lipidol Oil Sunscreen

In addition, Lipidol Sunscreen Oil contains natural plant extracts, Basil essential oil and Cypress which gives the oil a musky scent. Other lotions definitely don’t smell this good. The Cypress oil controls hydration and keeps the skin feeling fresh.

Lipidol Sunscreen Oil prevents the development of skin cancer, which is on the rise in South Africa as we spend so much time in the sun! It helps prevent pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and slows down the development of wrinkles and prematurely ageing skin from sun damage. What more can we ask for?


Comment on this post and tell me why you love summer and you could win yourself your very own Lipidol Oil SPF20 Sunscreen!

Much love, Fox.

The Visual Fox | Inspo | Beauty | Lipidol Oil Sunscreen

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  1. Hi fox
    I love summer because everyone looks a little brighter, and the days feel so much longer – best energy best fashion best time of the year!
    Heading to desert land in Egypt and Qatar this holiday – need some protection from the summer heat

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