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This year I decided to change my hair colour. I am naturally blonde but in high-school I decided that I did not like my blonde hair and wanted to change it up. So, I went brown, I had brown hair for many years and in between went a darker and lighter shade of brunette. Earlier in the year, I decided to return to my natural colour, blonde and I must admit, blondes really do have more fun! Thats why I turn to John Frieda.

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Of course being a blonde bombshell means I need to look after my hair as the peroxide and tint used to get to a lighter shade can be very harmful to your hair. It also means that inbetween my salon visits I need to keep my blonde bright, without my hair going a “yellow” which is often the case for most blonde hair beauties.

I am a major fan of John Frieda, and have been for some time, you will see on previous posts that I often make use of their products which I love using!

My current fave product is, John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner and here are all the deets.

Product profile

What it is:

Lightening shampoo and conditioner

What it does:

Keeps your hair looking bright and reduces the yellow tinge

Key Ingredients:

Sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate (cleanse); chamomile and lemon extracts (lighten hair); sunflower-seed extract (conditions) THIS MEANS IT’S A NATURAL PRODUCT AND KEEPS YOUR HAIR HEALTHY (YAY!!!!!!!!)

How it feels:

Creamy and smells delish! A floral undertone is left in your hair after use.

Why I love it:

The shampoo works into a thick lather and leaves hair soft and clean and it will brighten highlights after several washes. Not just one ladies.

The Visual Fox | Lifestyle | Beauty | John Frieda | Go Blonder

The Visual Fox | Lifestyle | Beauty | John Frieda | Go Blonder
The Visual Fox | Lifestyle | Beauty | John Frieda | Go Blonder

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