I heart Durban

Durban is my second home. A city that has a very special place in my heart. My mom is from Durban and so heading to the coast is like heading home. Lots of memories, stories and old family friends. It’s one of the few places that I can go to and relax, unwind and feel at peace.


I suppose it’s the lifestyle that Durban promotes, being on the beach with sandy toes, salty hair and breathing in the fresh air, can only lead to healing. And of course, being on the beach means a whole new set of fun activities. So I guess the best way to describe my feelings about Durban is to describe my typical day….

To start the sun rises so early on the East coast which means for early active mornings, I love to wake up with a cup tea, watching the sun over the sea and of course, start on a good book. What a good way to start the day. Bed, book, tea, and a good view. It’ll be a good day, there’s no wind and the sun is out. It’s a beach day!

But first, a run, even though I’m holiday, a workout here and there must be done. Gotta love endorphins. A run on the promenade is a great start. It’s an easy 5km run along the beach and at the end is Umhlanaga’s lagoon nature reserve, which is connected to the promenade – a nice treat to include a short distance in and out of the reserve. Breathing in that fresh air. Listening to the birds chirp and the waves crashing. Its bliss. Just before I get home, I always stop at Jacksonville coffee (found on the promenade) for a caffeine fix.

Once home, I meditate at the pool and breathe in the beauty around me. Next is breakfast! If you’re going to the beach you have to go prepared and a big breakfast is best. Eggs, bacon, avocado – the works. You gotta fuel that body! Tanning is tiring ok.

Ok, so now we at the beach, with a great little spot, the umbrella is up and people are looking sexy AF. Tan oil, SPF and lots of water. Of course fruit is included throughout the day. Love a little sweaty session on the beach. I could lie there all day. Of course a swim is a must. I absolutely adore the ocean. I could swim in the sea always. I often think my spirit animal is a mermaid. It’s good to get to the beach before 12:00, afternoons in Durban get a little windy and being on the beach in the wind is the worst. We pack up around 15:00 and head to the pool to laze some more, reading more of that good book.

After a good shower, it’s time to nap and by now, I’ve found a few homies who are in town too. Time for a night on the town, a drink at the George, maybe dinner or possibly some fun on Florida road (located in Durban, Durban) and if things get very well lit, maybe I land up at Origin. It’s a good time!

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