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Holistic living is a lifestyle and recently I gave some thought to the amount of chemicals we are constantly exposed too in our daily lives. If our bodies are our temples then what we expose our bodies to becomes something that we should all pay attention too. The rate of cancer is growing and it is being found in people at young ages – it’s scary to think that approximately 39.6% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetimes (based on 2010-2012 data), this is a huge number that is rapidly growing. Which is why I try to follow a holistic skincare routine.

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Our lifestyles are a direct link to the rate of cancer growth as well as other diseases as we are constantly exposed to harmful matter. This of course is a debate in itself but what’s important is how we start to look after our bodies and planet.

So what is holistic living?

Holistic’ is a philosophy and practice of healing that refers to keeping the whole body (meaning the physical body, mind and the spirit) at the highest level of total wellness. This looks at the idea that the body is made of mind, body and spirit and that in order for our bodies to function correctly all three need to be looked after.

Holistic skin care refers to products that contain natural ingredients such as herbs, plant extracts, phytonutrients, antioxidants and essential oils. Ingredients for holistic products aim to be sourced from all-natural, organic, cruelty-free, sustainable grown/processed and often vegan origins.

The Visual Fox | Lifestyle | Beauty | Holistic Skincare

Here are some of the products I have been using which promote these values:

Home-made soap

I liked the idea of making my own soap, as something fun to do. But, have your ever looked at the ingredients in soap, its a long list of chemicals that I know nothing about! Handmade soap  on the other hand preserves the integrity of the oils/fats/butters used in the soap making process. Because of this, the oils/fats/butters maintain their vitamins, minerals and skin-loving qualities in the final soap product. Leaving your skin healthy and enriched instead of dry.

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Woolworths Earth Friendly Body Butter

I use this because its an easy buy. It moisturises while helping to regenerate tissue cells, it also is made with biodegradable ingredients, no petrochemicals, not tested on animals, no artificial colourants and no parabens. Perfect for sensitive skin and those with eczema.

FYI: Parabens are synthetic preservatives which are absorbed by your skin and can lead to disruptions in your bodily function. Mainly because they contain hormones. Eeeeeeek.

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Sanex 0% anti-perspirant

Did you know: most anti-perspirants contain aluminium.

There has been large debate about the effects of aluminium in anti-perspirant and whether it leads to cancer and Alzheimer’s. Whatever the case, I just don’t like the idea of putting metal in my body on a daily basis.

Sanex has come up with a new roll on that contains 0% parabens and aluminium which works wonderfully.

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Body Shop

I love The Body Shop, their products are all made from natural products, in a sustainable way, supporting communities and of course they don’t test on animals! A few of my favorite products include their seaweed and tea tree oil face wash, foundation, honey bronzer, all their body butters (when I want to treat myself) and of course my newest fave product is from their Nutriganics range which contains face products that are made from ingredients that are 98% natural origins and contain no parabens and silicones. I love the eye cream from this range.

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Environ, Derma-Lac Lotion

As much as I try to escape the use of science – for more complex skin care products I use Environ. They only use human volunteers to test their products and they don’t use any preservatives or perfumes (which can irritate the skin). Their products are highly scientific but lead to fantastic results as they use a lot of minerals and vitamins like vitamin A. Their Derma-Lac lotion is especially great for use against ingrown hairs and super soft skin.

Some other favorite brands not mentioned here are Lush Cosmetics, Dr.Organic (found at Wellness Warehouse), Skin Creamery and Bioderma.

The Visual Fox | Lifestyle | Beauty | Holistic Skincare

At the end of the day, there is a lot of debate behind holistic living and of course being neurotic. I don’t believe one has to ban all chemicals, rather to be more aware. I enjoy using natural products and seeing results. Natural beauty leaves the mind, body and soul feeling good. 

I would love to know what products you are using that are natural and planet friendly. Let me know! Much love, Fox

The Visual Fox | Lifestyle | Beauty | Holistic Skincare

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