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The Museum of African Design is a first for Africa. It’s a gallery located on the Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg and is found in an old warehouse which has been worked to become a gallery and studio space for creatives. Its principles are based on the constant questioning of “what is art” and “what is design” and how are these two discipline’s boundaries broken down, crossed, entwined and built back up again. The galleries focus on the African continent and diaspora promotes artists working in the pan-african sphere – allowing a platform of support for these artists.

The Visual Fox | Art | MOAD | Design

The opening show at MOAD 2016 showcased some of Algeria’s most important contemporary designers. Curated by Hellal Zoubir, the show features a mix of artist working with jewellery, furniture, décor and wallpaper. Through the show one discovers Algerian designers have little access to manufacture prototype’s for their designs and what has developed is a one of a kind experiment to a finished product promoting traditional craftsmanship.

Algeria is an interesting country in this relationship as it’s histories are based in an Arabic, French and African politics – Thus questioning these relationships and boundaries just as MOAD does.

The show currently on at MOAD and can be viewed Tuesday – Sunday.

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