In Bocca Al Luppo by Jemma Kahn

Going to the theatre has been a favourite since I was a little girl. My mom being a dancing teacher, she always encouraged us to watch live production. There is just something so magical about dressing up and going to watch a performance from musicals, to plays to dance. The skills and expertise that are taken on stage are so rare and beautiful. With South African theatre production being so small I love to support our local performers. Their talent is extraordinary and needs to be celebrated.

The Visual Fox | Art | Theatre | In Bocca Al Luppo by Jemma Kahn

On show currently at The Market Theatre in Newtown is Jemma Kahn’s third installment of kamishibai theatre, ‘In bocca al lupo’. Kamishibai is an ancient chinese form of street theatre and production, whereby the storyteller makes use of visual cards to aid the story. “The effect is like watching a sort of live manga cartoon”, says Kahn.

Her previous productions ‘The Epicene Butcher’ and ‘We Didn’t Come to Hell for the Croissants’ have seen her collaborate with South Africa’s top theatre and visual art talents to create tales that are enticing and funny, leaving you laughing and wanting more.

Her current play, ‘In bocca al lupo’ is autobiographical as she takes to the stage to tell her story of her travels as a young professional to Japan to teach English and then Ireland where she runs away to live with her then boyfriend.

With this production, Jemma has once again brought together an incredible team of creative collaborators to bring the story to life. Written by Jemma Kahn and Tertius Kapp, all the illustrations (160 in total) drawn and painted by Kahn herself. The production is complimented by soundtracks which highlight important moment in the story all done by Charl Johan Ligenfelder, costume design by Ella Buter and lighting design by Themba Stewart, brought together under the direction of Jane Taylor. A truly magical team of talent. The production is produced by POPArt Productions and Jemma Kahn in association with the National Arts Festival and the Arts and Culture Trust and Nedbank Arts Affinity.

‘In bocca al lupo’ will play from 9 – 21 May at The Ramalao Makhene Theatre in Johannesburg, after which it will play from 29 May – 10 June at The Alexander Bar in Cape Town.

The Visual Fox | Art | Theatre | In Bocca Al Luppo by Jemma Kahn

A must see for everyone, even those who are new to theatre – this would be a great start.


16 – 20 May at 8pm

21 May at 3:30pm

Ticket prices range from R 95 – R 150.

Venue: Ramalao Makhene Theatre, Market Theatre Lab, Market Square (Newtown)

Tickets available at :

Running time: 70mins


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