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“Healthy is  not a size. It’s a lifestyle.”

Bliss Juicery is a fantastic little shop in The Colony Centre, in Craighall Park and I got to spend Saturday morning  the right way – the healthy way. Drinking green smoothies and having health shots after my fun Friday night out.

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The health benefits of juicing are extraordinary, as one gains so much more nutrients from drinking a juice than from the average meal. Sam explains, that the juices are more nutrient dense as you drink almost 3 times more of what you would have consumed in the average meal. Rather than using Centrifugal juices, (these are like ones found in the supermarkets), Bliss Juicery makes use of the cold pressed system. Cold pressing is a slower and more healthy way to extract the goodness from the fruit and vegetables. Using less heat and less oxygen the nutrients extracted are retained rather than lost. This means that there juices only last 3 days, remember there are no added preservatives!

Their most popular drinks

  • almond milk
  • kale greens
  • melon and mint
  • beet boost (beetroot based)
  • And all of their smoothies are absolutely delish!

The Visual Fox | Food |Bliss Juicery

The Visual Fox | Food | The Bliss Juicery
Image by Bliss Juicery

The Visual Fox | Food |Bliss Juicery

Not only can you pop in to grab your daily dose of health in a bottle but you can also do a 1 day, 3 day, or 5 day juice cleanse. The detox allows your body a break from processed food which we consume on a daily basis.

For more info on the cleanse, visit their web page:

Bliss Juicery opened last year by Sam Eldridge and her mom Lesley. Starting from their kitchen at home they expanded into the shop they now call home. Sam abandoned her finance degree and opened her juice store after seeing the ever expanding market in the UK and having a long time love for nutrition. Consulting a nutritionist – their juices are 100% local and fresh and perfect for anyone wanting a wellness boost!

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