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As a new years resolution I made a pact with myself to make sure that once a month I get out of the city. Getting out of Jo’burg, even for a day, is really important and leaves me feeling relaxed, calm and rested. The city is a busy space filled with meetings, traffic, gossip and social media bombardment. So it’s important to put aside one day a month for an adventure outside of Jo’burg in nature to connect the soul and awaken your internal world.

The Visual Fox | Lifestyle | Awaken Your Internal World

On Saturday 19th May, join yoga instructor Roberto De Luca for a morning of soulful connections. Learn to open your mind and body to new ideas of internal understanding and forgiveness. With winter soon approaching we tend to close our bodies off to the beauty around us as we begin to hibernate indoors. Awaken your mind, body and spirit to the changing season and allow yourself to reflect on the beauty that is within during the colder months.

The workshop will take place at Leafy Greens, a beautiful farm and vegan restaurant based in The Cradle of Humankind. A beautiful outdoor setting, to awaken the spirit as you connect to the beauty around us.

The event will include:

  • A tea ceremony to warm the heart
  • 90 mine yoga class
  • Guided meditation
  • Candle gazing
  • Visualisation
  • and a plant based brunch with over 20 dishes to choose from… YUM!
  • 20% discount when shopping in the store at Leafy Greens on the day.

Cost: R350

9am -12pm

It truly is a beautiful way to spend an autumn morning.

Please visit the facebook page for more info

About Roberto:

Roberto has done over 1000 hours of yoga teaching and over 1000 hours of assistant teaching, making him a highly qualified instructor, with training in India and Thailand. His focus is on Hatha, which is a style of yoga that is a gentle flow. It is an ancient practice that involves asanas (yoga postures) but is friendly on the wrists and shoulders. It has has a strong focus on the steady flow from one posture to another, making for a calm and meditative practice as one focuses on the flow of the body, awareness of breath and strength in each posture.

The Visual Fox | Lifestyle | Awaken Your Internal World

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