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Over the last few weeks I have been rocking a few new looks thanks to Avon South Africa. Their newest line Avon Make Your Mark has been released and it truly hits the Mark.For woman, make- up is truly is an investment, for yourself and for your skin. It doesn’t matter how much make up you apply or like to use – it comes down to quality. From the basics of base and mascara to a full face done it’s important to use good quality products.

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Too often I have gone out and seen woman buy products that are bad for their skin and leave them looking worse for ware which is not what make up should do. And in a society today where women are judged by their looks it’s important to buy the right products. You don’t have to look like a Barbie doll but a little investment in yourself will only leave you feeling more beautiful from the inside out. It will subtly enhance your look and make you feel on top of the world.

I suggest Avon as a start, their latest Mark line has left me feeling fab over the last 2 weeks and all I have used are the basics, which are great for during the week quick work looks. And then of course the line offers a more playful variant for the weekend and nights out.

The products used:

  • Mark 3D Plumping lipstick

The lipstick was fabulous and lasted a few hours, re-application is always needed on a busy day. It left my lips feeling moisturised and glowing ready for a pout.

  • Glossy Tube Lipgloss

Gloss isn’t a favourite but this product is not as sticky as most glosses and left my lips soft with a lovely sheen.

  • Intense Kohl Longwear Eyeliner

A fun product to use to enhance the eyes, though I did find that the pencil isn’t great, as I am terrible at sharpening eyeliner. But that’s just me.

  • Eye Shadow Ink Pot

I love eye shadow. The Avon pot was fabulous and is a new favourite in my beauty kit. The pot is a gel like texture and when applied turns to a dust. Easy to apply and lasted all day! It is a must in the line!!!!

Go ahead and Make Your Mark with Avon! Its super easy to purchase online or with your local Avon reseller. The products are so affordable and left me feeling beautiful as make up should do! Invest in yourself and in your skin. It will only leave you feeling fab. We are who we are and let’s celebrate our beauty!

All my love ladies,


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