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Afrikaburn, an adventure that is highly addictive. This year marked my second ‘burn’ and I have to say I can’t wait for next year…

The Visual Fox | Travel | South Africa | Afrikaburn | Play

Afrikaburn is a participant-created movement that relies heavily on active participation by its participants/ festival goers. It is an experiment in inclusive community building, where each one has a gift to share. It is a place of decommodification. Creativity reigns supreme along with radical self-expression, here you can be you and I can be me. It is a place where one has a chance to invent the world a new. To create a world of fantasy, where one can simply, play.

Play (v). To engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. This years theme allowed the world of make believe to come alive. From the 23rd April – 1st May participants gathered in the desert of Tankwa Town to create a world that would become a place of complete joy. The desert is harsh and extreme conditions were taken on as the people played in a world that was created by them and was entirely their own. They frolicked amongst the dust, dancing, singing and laughing. Building artworks of wonder. Making friends along the way and spreading love to all who accepted it.

What is this world that they have created? Where each participant has a unique gift that is accepted and celebrated. A world where peace and love rule each heart and happiness is found in all corners. It is a fantasy land. An adult play ground where dreams can come true. Where the sun is celebrated and the moon & stars learn all your secrets. Oh dear desert child. How beautiful. Each person, beautiful in their own way. Each person sparkling and shining as they played through the desert to fulfil their destiny in the desert of dreams.

Destiny. Dreaming. Playing. Burning. Burning each ones sorrows, letting go. Letting go of sadness, letting go of fear, letting go of truth and letting go of lies. Watching and waiting, learning and playing. The fire was hot as it burned in beauty, consuming each person, as each one found the fire within their soul. They have never been more powerful. They may not understand the fire but they will always long for the flames.

The Visual Fox | Travel | South Africa | Afrikaburn | Play

Burn. Let it burn. The sky above them, the earth below their feet and the fire within their hearts. They were now complete. Some found love. Some found joy. Some found something good without even looking for it. Life was beautiful as the universe granted each one a wish. Watching the wish come true is destiny.  Life was perfected just for one week. And then back to reality they would go…­­­

The Visual Fox | Travel | South Africa | Afrikaburn | Play

A big hug and thank you to the ultimate team, Toni’s Jabronies. You made this years burn an absolute treat. Thank you!

All pics shot with disposable film, 35mm.

For more info on Afrikaburn read up here:

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