Sacred Rituals

Connecting to the moon has been one of my favourite ways to meditate and release any life issues that I am going through. I practice meditation as often as possible, but connecting to the moon really enhances the experience of letting go and becoming one with the universal source energy guiding us all. To gain […]

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27 and still ok.

The Visual Fox | Lifestyle | Birthdays

Oh my gosh, I’m nearly 30! But you know what, I’m 27 and still ok. Do you ever look back on life and think, is this where I am supposed to be and is this what I am meant to have achieved by now? Could I be doing more? Should I be doing less? What […]

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Awaken Your Internal World

The Visual Fox | Lifestyle | Awaken Your Internal World

As a new years resolution I made a pact with myself to make sure that once a month I get out of the city. Getting out of Jo’burg, even for a day, is really important and leaves me feeling relaxed, calm and rested. The city is a busy space filled with meetings, traffic, gossip and […]

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Mountain Sanctuary Rock Pools

The Visual Fox | Joburg | Things to do | Mountain Sanctuary

I love living in Johannesburg. It’s a big city with lots of life, culture and energy and one of my favorite fun facts about the city is that Jo’burg is one of the world’s biggest man made forests. With over 10 000 trees in the metropolis alone, stand on any balcony or roof top and […]

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Power number 11 | Power year 2018

The VisuaL Fox | Lifestyle | Happy New Year | 2018

Hi Foxxy friends, It’s nearly the end of January and I am finally sitting down to write my first post of 2018. I am sure you all had a wonderful holiday and back into the swing of things with the start of the year. I had a lovely holiday in Durban and Cape Town. A […]

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Bloom from Within: Health and Wellness

The Visual Fox | Lifestyle | Health and Wellness

Over the last year I have truly been focused on working on myself. I have made valuable life changes that have really influenced my outlook on life. It’s never a bad thing to stop and re-adjust. If the only thing we can be sure of in this life is living a fulfilled life. Then what is a […]

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Yoga Works @ The Old Johannesburg Train Station

The Visual Fox | Inspo | Yoga Works

Last week Saturday a good friend (Emma Stewart) and I decided to get in touch with our inner zen, with Yoga Works @ The Old Johannesburg Train Station. We booked tickets for a yoga class which happens at various different locations around Johannesburg. Our location was the Old Johannesburg Train Station, a location which very few […]

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Farm Life

The Visual Fox | Travel | South Africa | Farm Life

These long weekends have been fantastic and spending a few days at our family farm is always good for soul, farm life is the best life. There is no better treatment than fresh air, nature, sleep, relaxation and family. This is a list of my favourite farm activities.  COOKING My family love to cook – […]

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Bliss Juicery

The Visual Fox | Food | The Bliss Juicery

“Healthy is  not a size. It’s a lifestyle.” Bliss Juicery is a fantastic little shop in The Colony Centre, in Craighall Park and I got to spend Saturday morning  the right way – the healthy way. Drinking green smoothies and having health shots after my fun Friday night out. The health benefits of juicing are […]

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