27 and still ok.

Oh my gosh, I’m nearly 30! But you know what, I’m 27 and still ok. Do you ever look back on life and think, is this where I am supposed to be and is this what I am meant to have achieved by now? Could I be doing more? Should I be doing less? What am I even doing actually? And am I on the right path? So many questions with not enough answers.

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In numerology, it is said that every person goes through year cycles which work in 9 year cycles. As a year is completed another begins and once your each your ninth year the cycle begins again with year one. And the cycle begins on your birthday, a full year is birthday to birthday.

To calculate the year you are in, take each digit in your birthday and add them together until you have a single digit.

Eg 3rd May 1991 = 3 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 28

2 + 8 = 10

1 + 0 = 1

I am in my first year cycle.

Year one is a year of change.

A year to set myself up for the rest of my 9 year cycle, so it’s an important for me to think clearly about my life goals and things that I would like to achieve. I can also expect a lot of change this year, but change can be a good thing. I need to focus on welcoming in good beliefs, habits and energy that will lead to rewards later on. Taking big steps forward, having courage and letting go of fear will all be important for me this year. With change comes a real understanding of oneself and I will need to focus my energy on self love in order to create outcomes that are inline with who I am. Rely on instinct and follow the heart. Look at the long term future and go for it, small beginnings can have big endings!

If you look at our parents and their generation, most of our parents at 27 were married, had a mortgage and had at least their first child, some even two. They were well into their careers and working hard. Where am I at 27? I’m not married, but very in love, working on my relationship will be important to make it one that lasts. I don’t have a mortgage and certainly don’t have any children yet. I am however working hard, trying to build a career and an income that suits my lifestyle choices. I am also trying to adopt good saving habits, which hopefully will lead to good rewards later on. And then there is my belief system, creating awareness of ones self and body. Creating compassion and love all around. And of course that involves love for our beautiful planet. Living a holistic lifestyle, that embodies mind, body and soul.

The Visual Fox | Lifestyle | Birthdays

Just a few thoughts.

For now, I need to wait for the changes that are coming… Stay tuned!

P.S give your current numerological year cycle a google to find out more…

Much Love,


Pics from my fab birthday, shot on a  35mm Nikon, FE2 I hosted a little picnic in Delta Park to celebrate with friends and loved ones. Such a fun day!

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