Artist Sunali Narshai

The Visual Fox | Art | Sunali Narshai

The art world  can be confusing to a non creative. Looking at an artwork, trying to understand its meaning and purpose and applying that understanding to the question “so what?’ can be a bit tricky, which is why its always good to get to know the artist. I recently interviewed a long time friend who […]

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Nirox Winter Sculpture Fair

A Place In Time, Nirox Winter Sculpture Fair “As night fell an entirely unfamiliar and vivid sky came into view and I was reminded why our ancestors tried to make sense of their place in the universe through naming and taming constellations.” Helen Pheby The annual fair takes place every May at the most beautiful reserve found […]

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Afrikaburn 2016 | X

The Visual Fox | Travel | South Africa | Afrikaburn

I have always wanted to go to Afrikaburn since I first heard of the festival. This year was a first for me and it was absolutely incredible. A must for any one looking for adventure in a magical playground.  What is Afrikaburn? Afrikaburn is a festival based on the American counter part Burning Man (give […]

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