What to do and see in Hanoi, Vietnam

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WHAT TO DO: Old Quarter: The old quarter is the place where you will spend most of your time. This is where you live, eat, shop and go out at night. The old quarter dates back to the ancient cities first forming Hanoi and a lot of it its quirkiness is found its history. Each […]

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The Artisan

The Visual Fox has always been a big fan of The Artisan, found in the Greenside hub of bars and restaurants. The former venue was known as Gin, but the manager and part owner Jonathan Scholtz has turned the bar and restaurant into one of Greenside’s best “hipster” bars. I often enjoy a drink and […]

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Yoga Works @ The Old Johannesburg Train Station

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Last week Saturday a good friend (Emma Stewart) and I decided to get in touch with our inner zen, with Yoga Works @ The Old Johannesburg Train Station. We booked tickets for a yoga class which happens at various different locations around Johannesburg. Our location was the Old Johannesburg Train Station, a location which very few […]

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Farm Life

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These long weekends have been fantastic and spending a few days at our family farm is always good for soul, farm life is the best life. There is no better treatment than fresh air, nature, sleep, relaxation and family. This is a list of my favourite farm activities.  COOKING My family love to cook – […]

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